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Part RoHS Manufacturer Switch Type Mounting Feature Switch Function Type (Actuator) Contact Function Solderability AC Maximum Rating R Load (Contact) Center Contact Plating Color (Actuator) Housing Material Body Color Angle (Actuator) Dielectric Withstand Volts (V) Terminal Material AC Maximum Rating M Load (Contact) Electrical Life DC Maximum Power Rating R Load (Contact) Illumination Insulation Resistance Packing Method Body Length/Diameter Body Width Sealing Contact Timing Maximum Operating Force Insulator Material End Contact Plating Body Height DC Maximum Rating R Load (Contact) Finish (Actuator) Washability Maximum Operating Temperature Maximum AC Contact Current Center Contact Material Minimum Operating Temperature Length (Actuator) Terminal Finish Switch Action Maximum DC Contact Current Termination Type Manufacturer Series Contact Resistance End Contact Material PCB Hole Count Maximum DC Contact Voltage Additional Features Maximum AC Contact Voltage JESD-609 Code Terminal Length AC Maximum Power Rating R Load (Contact) Material (Actuator)
Rocker Switches

Rocker switches are electronic switches that are activated by rocking a lever back and forth. They are commonly used in a variety of applications, such as industrial control systems, automotive electronics, and home appliances.

Rocker switches typically consist of a housing, a rocker lever, and a set of electrical contacts. When the lever is rocked in one direction, it completes a circuit between the contacts, allowing electrical current to flow through the switch. When the lever is rocked in the opposite direction, the circuit is broken and the current stops flowing.

Rocker switches come in different configurations, including momentary, latching, and illuminated switches. Momentary switches are activated only while the lever is being held in one direction, while latching switches remain in the on or off position until manually reset. Illuminated switches include an LED or other light source to provide visual feedback when the switch is activated.