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Part RoHS Manufacturer Peripheral IC Type Temperature Grade Terminal Form No. of Terminals Package Code Package Shape Package Body Material Integrated Cache Surface Mount Information Access Method Maximum Supply Voltage On Chip Data RAM Width Screening Level Address Bus Width No. of Bits DAC Channels Bit Size Power Supplies (V) Package Style (Meter) Package Equivalence Code Interrupt Capability Minimum Supply Voltage Maximum Operating Temperature CPU Family No. of External Interrupts Minimum Operating Temperature Terminal Finish ADC Channels Ultraviolet Erasable Terminal Position DMA Channels No. of Ports Maximum Seated Height ROM Words RAM Words Width Data EEPROM Size Additional Features Boundary Scan Peripherals External Data Bus Width Maximum Clock Frequency Maximum Time At Peak Reflow Temperature (s) Peak Reflow Temperature (C) Length Total Dose (V) ROM Bits Size No. of Timers RAM Bytes Technology Analog To Digital Convertors Maximum Supply Current Minimum Time Nominal Supply Voltage No. of DMA Channels PWM Channels No. of Serial I/Os Sub-Category Connectivity ROM Programmability Bus Compatibility Terminal Pitch Format JESD-30 Code Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) Qualification Speed Low Power Mode Volatile JESD-609 Code Maximum Standby Current On Chip Program ROM Width No. of I/O Lines Maximum Access Time
Other Function uPs,uCs & Peripheral ICs

Other function uPs, uCs, and peripheral ICs refer to a wide range of integrated circuits that perform a variety of functions beyond the traditional microprocessor and microcontroller roles. These ICs can be found in a variety of electronic devices, including computers, smartphones, automotive systems, and industrial control systems.

Examples of other function ICs include data acquisition and conversion ICs, which are used to convert analog signals into digital data that can be processed by a microcontroller or microprocessor. These ICs are commonly used in industrial control systems and medical equipment, among other applications.

Another example is interface and communication ICs, which facilitate communication between different electronic devices. These ICs can include Ethernet controllers, USB controllers, and serial communication interfaces, among others.

Power management ICs are another important category of other function ICs. These ICs are used to regulate and manage the power supply to electronic devices, ensuring that they operate efficiently and safely. Power management ICs can include voltage regulators, power controllers, and battery management ICs.